Adios Brett Pavia, seems your page and posts have vanished. If you see this a shame to see you go. While understand we didn't necessarily see eye to eye on some of your views so what. If everyone thought and felt the same about everything how boring life would be.

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I sent Brent a message yesterday saying pretty much the same thing.

Tough road ahead as an owner if he is that thin skinned. 

So, who's going to create the next lively debate here? 

Also agreed. Some good discussions there, and I'm disappointed to see he and them just vanish. He'd messaged me his intention to leave a couple of days ago, so I wasn't really surprised.

This whole thing really struck me as deja-vu. I've wondered more than once if he hadn't been a member of this community a few years ago under a different name...

All I know is that that thread was really awkward to read.  Just when I thought everyone was talking about the same thing the rules would get changed... I guess that's what happens when the topic is actually not the topic.

I haven't checked this site since the 4th, so what happened?

He seemed to be one of those types with not much field experience and a TON of grandiose plans and expectations that everyone should agree with him.

Personally speaking, I'd like to see his interpretation of a coffee place. But if you can't stand the heat, don't stand behind the espresso machine...

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