I noticed recently that SBUX has launched a new drink line called "Refreshers" which claim to contain Green Coffee Bean Extract - something that I've never heard of before.


So naturally...GOOGLE search!!


I found loads of sporatic information on the stuff. Dr. Oz even endourses it as a miracle weight loss supplement! Apparently it is a great energy source, is good for weight loss, and aids in digestion, among other things. I'm just wondering about the legitimacy of it. As with any supplement, I came across hundreds of different brands, as well as several physical forms (pill, powder, liquid).


Does anyone have any further information on GCBE, or use it in their shop? Just seeking some knowledge. Thanks!

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I've always assumed that the "Green Coffee Extract" was the caffeine & assorted other compounds removed from Starbucks' Decaf coffees. Rather than selling it off to Pepsi & Red Bull, they integrated it into an in-house offering. I could be wrong, but I'm certainly curious!

I am curious as well! If anyone else has any input, I would certainly love to hear it!

That's what it sounds like to me too Simon.  Starbucks touts the "good stuff" and "natural energy" from coffee, well that energy is caffeine.  Mix in a few juices and you have an energy drink like Red Bull.  After some quick digging, it seems the weight loss claim comes from "Chlorogenic Acid," which is found in green coffee, but does break down during roasting.  It apparently affects the rate of glucose absorption.  The only studies I could find were with small sample sizes, a short duration, or didn't account for the affect of caffeine.  So it sounds like it could have some impact, but is hardly a "miracle" weight loss supplement, and its actual effects haven't been fully proven.

It's a smart move though, letting them keep the compounds after decaffeinating, or to even buy super-cheap coffees simply to make the extract.  Pairing a chemical to reduce sugar absorption with sugary juices though?  Seems a bit counterproductive.

I also was curious about that and did some research myself and talked to some Chef friends of mine and one of my friends made an essential oil by extracting coffee into canola oil and used it as an ingredient in her dishes. She said that it added a natural "green" flavor to her dish, which was fascinating to me.

As I studied it further I made my own extraction simply allowing the beans to sit in boiling water and let it simmer in order to extract some of that moisture in the bean. I then chilled it and attempted to use it as a "weight loss" to see if it actually worked. Surprisingly I lost 3 lbs. within a week and a half. However, I was exercising and eating healthy so it may have helped with that but like anything else nothing is as easy as just taking it, you have to be observing healthy practices. The chlorogenic acid which 90 percent of it breaks down in the roasting process, latches onto fat cells as opposed to sugar cells resulting in your metabolism feeding off of fat instead of sugar. Which (in theory) results in an energy boost from the sugars and caffeine in the green coffee which also degrades/caramelizes in the roasting as well.

That is sort of my limited expertise/experience with GCBE, hope it helped.

I am getting very interested in this as well.  I know of a product: Bai drinks, which touts it's GCBE inside as a miracle to all as well.  I will try to contact them for some information too.

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