i will be visiting Pittsburg this weekend (22nd-23rd) and was looking for some direction on where to get "the goods"...

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The Primanti Brothers Sandwich is an institution in Pittsburgh, but I'm not a big fan of it - though I've had it on and off for the past fifteen years.

The idea is to take french fries and add them as a layer in the sandwich. Nice idea but a major part of my enjoyment of the fries is the textural and flavor contrast to a sandwich When mashed into the sandwich, it just becomes a mash and part of the sandwich - not the textural foil that I prefer.
i do believe that behive just got an astoria jada machine(a superauto) unless they still have that machine they pulled out from under the homeless guy sleeping on it.

a true sign of quality none the less....
thanks to stephen curtis and john p for recommending 21st street. we stopped in around closing time on sunday and got perfectly prepaired espresso and lattes. luke and his fellow barista were super cool for putting up with late customers especially being in the business and knowing better than to show up so close to closing time! i loved the look and feel of this shop. i will totally go back to 21st any time im in Pittsburgh and will recommend it to anyone who lives there or is visiting. thanks again!

Luke said:
I remember you stopping in- thanks for visiting, hope you liked your drinks.

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