I may be totally stupid to ask about these on here, but I want to hear what some professionals think if these automatic frothers that use air to foam the milk. So I have been looking into the Professional Excel X24 model, and here are my questions:

1. Do they work well?

2. Does it Scald the milk?

3. Is it okay to keep milk at a constant hot temperature?

4. Are they reliable, and how long do they last?

5. They have a refresh button, what does that mean, and is okay/safe to use on milk?

If you are not sure what I am talking about here is a link to their website and products https://www.frothaulait.com

Anyone, feel free to give your opinion on them and why, but I am really concerned with the 5 questions that I ask.

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I've never heard of them, but from your description they sound like a completely unnecessary waste of money at best, a disgusting health hazard at worst. Run away.

There are lots of ways to waste money in this business, and lots of people out there that would love to take it by selling you on unnecessary junk. Simplify. You have 3 perfectly good steamwands coming. That's all you'll need.

Here's a quick stab at some answers, since you asked:

1. Probably not

2. Probably

3. No

4. Seems unlikely. Milk units require lots of maintenance and cleaning, and tend to be the first part of a one-step superauto unit to die.

5. The best refresh button I know of is to dump out any leftover milk from your pitcher, rinse it well, and start the next drink with cold, fresh milk :).

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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