Do you think Espresso and Whipped Cream is Gross ???

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This version sounded interesting so I tried it this morning... espresso, 1/2 & 1/2, and a splash of vanilla. It tastes pretty great! Thanks for the suggestion. The temp is okay as long as you drink it fast. Anybody have a snappy name for this version?

(hmmpf, just can't get it to load upright)


Ricky Sutton said:
I tried a few variations of the con panna after reading this. I tried whipping cold cream and pouring a "macchiato". That didn't work out. I tried the standard sweetened whipped cream on espresso. I drank most of it, but did not enjoy it. It seems like the sweetness of the cream makes the espresso taste bitter in comparison. I think i would enjoy it more with unsweetened whipped cream. A favorite shop of mine makes con panna's by adding equal parts espresso and 1/2 n 1/2 with a touch of vanilla. This is the best that i've had, but the temperature (kind of room temperature) throws me off.
The drink that introduced me to the world of drinking smaller espresso drinks was a con panna with caramel. It will take a few more years before i try that one again.

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