So I have this small coffee shop in New mexico and we serve really great quality coffee. But for some reason not a lot of people come in. I need some ideas on how to get more customers fast. Any ideas?

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Hi Alicia,

There are about a million things that you can do to promote your little café and get people to come in. So I'm just gonna briefly go over what is hopefully quiet easy for you and also hopefully effective.

One of the most common places for people to find a café is when they’re searching café on their phone. So first of all, you need to have a decent website. Just some kind of web presence that gets the experience of your café communicated to your customers, shows where you are, how to contact and find you, and want you to have all those basic kinds of things. Then you should make sure that you have a good listing in YELP which links to your website and a good Google plus local listing. And by good, I mean that you have a description which explains your coffee shop. It is also important if you’re able to do this to have a website which is optimize for the phone so when they visit you on their phones, they find you.


Now, I’ll give you a good web base at very least to start from. Again, it is not necessary gonna cost people to start slimming in, but people are looking for coffee on their phones. And if they don’t find you when they search online, if they go to YELP and they stop there or if they go to some other search date base that might have coffee shops but they can’t find you, then they aren't gonna know anything about you enough to make a decision whether they wanna visit. I hope that it made sense.

-- transcribed and posted for Joseph @ by Mark

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