O.K., I have to chime in on this with a funny story. There was a person... would be easier to say there was a customer... but she wasn't. So this lady comes in ... parks her car in the handicap spot right in front of the door... giant SUV... orders a Mocha Frappe (but) I don't want you to use whole ice... use the smaller cubes... don't add water... blend it on slow... I just happened to be there chatting with the staff... so they make her a Frappe exactly the way she requests... raised eyebrows with back turned to the person.

They put it down on the counter... she takes one sip and says WTF is the matter with you people ... didn't you listen to what I said... I saw the staff biting thier lips... looking at me like... HELP... so our Barista (Rhia) was much more than accomodating... she said ... sorry, let me make you a new one... and she went step-by-step...

This ice... this much... and poured the frappe mix (we make our own) into the container... put it on the Vita-Mix (quieter than Blendtec) and turned it on... slow... the lady yells stop... OK... that's enough it's ready...

Rhia pours it into a glass... the lady takes one sip... slams it down on the counter so hard the lid popped off and says ... just give me my money back... and off she goes...

OK... wait for it... that in and of itself is enough ...but there's more. So on another day I am in our Camana Bay location and who do I see at the counter... causing the same problem... yup... so I talk to the staff and they tell me... she always does the same thing... always complains, always returns the drink and always asks for her money back...

So I had to stick my nose in and I very politely said... excuse me but it seems pretty obvious that we are not able to meet your needs and I suggest that in the future you try a different establishment... and off she went in a huff...

So... a few weeks later I am walking into my local pizza place to pick up and order... and who do ya think is in line in front of me... oh yea... and she's saying "this isn't what I ordered and what's the matter with you people"...

I told the guy behind the counter my story and he says ... same thing here... total pain in the ass... we too have told her to go somewhere else... but she phones in the order and we never know its her until she shows up...

Who knows... maybe that's a disorder of some kind...

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I do the same thing. Whenever I receive an order for extra hot, it is translated into extra hot glassware. I'm not about to serve scalded milk.

Dave_G said:
Our customer like that wants her 1/4 strength decaf capp heated to 90*c (194*f) and sends it back time after time after time if she doesn't think it was hot enough.

I have told her that she needs to find another coffee shop to make her drink as I don't want to ruin my milk or coffee; and I fear that if she spills it on herself (she's in her late 80's) that she'll burn herself badly.

This only made her come in more and more. She is like a pest that thrives on annoying us..

The solution; Hold the mugs handle under the tea water spout on the machine until it it too hot to touch and she then thinks that her coffee is hotter.... sensory overload on the old ladies weak hands.... :)

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