I am working on an article about the sustainability of coffee and I am looking for information regarding the total cost of shipping green beans from origin to retailer. I'm thinking along the lines of fuel costs for ships/planes, costs to retailers/roasters who actually buy the beans, and any incidental costs such as those one might pay for containers and agents. Any help or leads to resources are appreciated!

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You should add in export taxes at origin as well as Phyotosantiary certification, fummigation costs. These are all born by the exporter- the farmer. There are other costs such as raising a LC- which is now mandatory for all coffee shipments out of Indonesia. A LC is raised by the buyer, but if its a small roaster it is now a barrier for that roaster to buy direct from Indonesia. A LC ties up funds- more than the actual worth of the coffee. Coffee can not be shipped without the LC so, for instance, if a farming coop was shipping to a roaster in Fort Worth, it would mean that roasters funds would be tied up for 6 weeks. A barrier for sure IMHO against developing direct trade routes from origin to roaster
What does "LC" stand for?

Alun Evans said:
There are other costs such as raising a LC
Your best bet would probably be to talk to an importer. Atlas Coffee Importers, Royal Coffee Importers, Elan Coffee Importers and Cafe Imports are a few that are easy to get in touch with. A google search of any of these will lead you to their websites.
Sorry, LC is Letter of Credit.

Damion A said:
What does "LC" stand for?

Alun Evans said:
There are other costs such as raising a LC

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