Hi BX'ers, I'm wondering if any Compak users out there can answer my question.

I have just purchased a Compak K8 and have noticed that the grind adjustment locking screw tightens directly into the metal part of the collar. Is this how it is supposed to be, or should my grinder have a rubber stopper or something at the end of the bolt?

It has already made indentations into the metal with only a few adjustments being made and I can't see it lasting too long like this.


Thanks in advance Troy.

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IIRC, the screw that bears down on the metal collar should have a bumper, but I could be wrong.


Best bet is to call Compak North America, speak with Josh and he'll know exactly how the unit should be. 

Cheers Jay,

That was my feeling to, but being a brand new unit I would have thought it should be complete.

I will check with my local distributor.

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