Hey all,

So, I've spent about the last month and a half experimenting (off and on) with the whole cold-brew idea, and have finally settled on a blend and method that I'm happy with.  

I pretty much just put a pound of medium-grind coffee into a 12Q pot, steep in cool water for 24 hours, and then filter through what amounts to a tea basket.  The final product is smooth, chocolaty, and has a wonderful buttery-but-light body.

Now my task is to adapt my method to be efficient in a café setting.  We're wanting to make this our standard for iced coffee, but the current method is too labor-intensive to implement effectively (it's impossible to pour it through the tiny basket without spilling, among other difficulties).

So I'm wondering, does anyone else do cold-brewed coffee in their shops?  If so, do you have a dedicated setup or do you do it in a way similar to what I described above?

Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

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We let the coffee steep overnight (we just do 12 hours) in a large pitcher covered with plastic wrap.  The in the am, we take a gold filter and put it in the mouth of a rubbermaid pour pitcher and pour into the gold filter right into the pitcher we serve from.  Super simple!  Does this make sense?  Now that I read it it sounds really confusing!
Ah, makes sense, but for one small detail, what's a gold filter? I think knowing that I can figure out exactly what you mean. :D

Link to Swiss Gold Coffee Filter

Christopher Godwaldt said:

Ah, makes sense, but for one small detail, what's a gold filter? I think knowing that I can figure out exactly what you mean. :D
We use the Yama Cold Drippers as well to great success. They get a lot of people talking, which is great, plus the finished brew is fantastic: smooth, rich, and boozy. Right now we're using a Guatemala bean from the Asobagri Co-Op.
We use the toddy system 1lb coffee for 1 gallon cold water let sit 24 hours. We sell it as toddy and mix with 50% water for the ice coffee. The filters are expensive was wondering if the gold filters are big enough for 5 lbs of used coffee grounds. This time of year we ue 5 gallon of toddy every three to four days.
The gold filters are not that big, but usually the grounds all accumulate at the bottom, so you have dump out what it in the filter a few times while straining.

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