Hi Bx'er's-

Anyone know of any good coffee shops in Ireland? I see the shop list across in the UK, but there has got to be some shops to visit just across the little puddle. I'll be in Dublin, Shannon and Clair. Give me a shout if you've heard of shops I can't miss.

Happy brewing- Heather

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OK - just finished some work over in Dublin so...

Bewleys, grafton street - historic coffee house in beautiful building on main shopping street south of the liffy (just next to trinity college) - don't want to colour your opinion but love to know what you think! biggest roaster in Ireland and quite good coffee

The bald barista, Aungier street - 2 minutes walk away but ask directions! Is the home of a great barista with a real individual feel! latte art is main deal here with Buzz Fendall coming 2nd place this year after the flying thud in Irelands latte art comp. Esp is a bit weird for me (cuban?/?)


if you go anywhere please go to the Java Republic Roastery....

just opened a few weeks ago is a carbon neutral roastery with coffee bar separated by glass. The coffee is great but the people, the food the concept are so fresh, engaging and beautiful I'm sold for life. Wesley the head barista is a lovely guy, loves what he's doing and David, the founder, is the most excitable, inspirational businessman I've ever met!!!


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