Hi does anybody know what would be a good small coffee roaster for small coffee shop? I would like to get into roasting my own coffee for my shop but I am very  unfamiliar with roasting. 

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It would probably be worth starting out by roasting at home in your "free time" (lol). There's a pretty steep learning curve and I doubt you want to serve any of your initial efforts. Not to mention the various code and regulatory hurdles involved with installing a "real" roaster in your shop, which can be significant. No reason not to start the lengthy journey of learning to roast while you're wrestling with city hall.

Here are a couple of good past discussions on home roasters:

here and here

You can always start with something even simpler and cheaper than those, like the heat gun + dog bowl setup. No matter what route you go, you should absolutely turn some beans brown before making such a big capital investment.

Nothing more to add to this, though I'm sure others will jump in.

There are many brands out there.  All the well-built ones have devoted followers.  Start with something small, 1LB or 1Kilo.  You will roast some very bad coffee for a least a few years.  Even so, taste every roast and keep good notes on the roast profile and cupping profile.  You will slowly connect the dots.  If you keep it up the coffee will get better and you can use the small roaster as a profile roaster for a bigger machine.  Find a roasting company whose roasting style you like and try your best to emulate it while developing your own style.  Good luck.

Thank you for the tips and replies. I will do my study and hopefully one day I can roast good coffee. :)

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