Hello- I recently had to shut my coffee business down and I now have a surplus of beautiful, high-quality coffee bags that I need to liquidate. I had these bags custom made for the brand because I wanted something really unique and memorable to the eye and to the touch.


The 12oz bags are a smooth white matte, quad seal, side gusseted, with a tin-tie and degassing valve. The bags measure 11” tall x 4” wide x 2 ¾” deep and are the same size and shape as the Gevalia bags you see in the grocery stores which have incredible “shelf appeal”. When you hold the bag it feels thick and heavy which from a marketing standpoint enhances the customers “perceived value”. (Yes… I put a lot of thought into the packaging).


I currently have 26,000 bags which are packaged with 650 bags in each box. (40 boxes). I’m looking to sell each box for $130 – which works out to be .20 cents per bag, which is FAR less money  than what you can purchase coffee bags for within the U.S.


Ideally I’d like to sell the entire lot all at once, so if you’re interested in purchasing all 26,000 bags, I’d be happy to sell them for an even deeper discount at $5,000 even.


I had these bags custom made in China which is why I’m looking to sell them for such a low price. Of course I’d be happy to share the manufacturer’s information with you in case you’d like to order more in the future.


The bags are located in Plymouth, MA and if you want them, you must pick them up or arrange and pay for your own shipping.


For reference, here’s a picture of the bags with my label on them. However, the bags being sold are blank.


If you don’t need these bags, but know someone in the coffee industry who might, could you please share this listing with them?

Thank you.


P.S. If you need to contact me, it would be best to email me at nyreihl@gmail.com

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