I have a Used Ambex Y 5 that I am cleaning up. I have taken the perforated part of the cooler out. The holes are plugged with coffee pooh. I can get that out with any ice pick or something; the back side has coffee pooh on it to. Hot water and detergent does not seem to do much. It seems to be aluminum so I do not want to wash it in the dish washer or use oven cleaner. How do you, clean this thing?

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Hi Tom, Mine is stainless steel but it should not matter. I use a solution of espresso machine cleaning powder like Joegloe and very hot water.I don my rubber gloves, grab a nylon scrub brush and take the mess outside. A bit of elbow grease should do the trick.

You're gonna need some urnex or something to bread down that coffee residue. It should be made out of stainless steal.

Try Simple Green cleaning solution .

the espresso cleaner did a great job, thank you everyone.

Make sure you clean the fan often also. If you don't have a good air flow in those machines you got serious problems.

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