Does anyone have any recommendations for a good front counter grinder to grind customers beans? We are using BUNN G3 and need a faster upgrade.

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You're right, BUNN does say a pound in 30 seconds. They must definitely mean really dry stale beans and on coarse because there's no way that happens in real life. The G3 is a great grinder for sure. We are an authorized BUNN re-seller and we sell them to all our wholesale customers and we use them in all our locations ourselves. We still have a few that are 14 years old and still ticking. But I could be grinding a customer's coffee literally forever with the G3 and luckly we are busy enough that I have people waiting to have their coffee ground as well and the whole line is held up. Thanks again everyone for their advice.

Bryan Wray said:
Andrew Cash said:
good rant bry
so a Bunn G3 will take 2 minutes to grind a lb of coffee and a mahlkonig VTA6S takes 10 sec. ?

Nope, just throwing random numbers out there. I'm not at the shop and don't feel like wasting a pound of coffee, but I would estimate the G3 being about 4X slower or so. No numbers right now, although someone may be able to throw those out there.

Bunn's site claims a pound goes through in under 30 seconds, but no reference to how coarse/fine that grind is, and I'm willing to bet that's a pretty coarse grind.


As 4 me, I use DIP Shop Grinder DK-30 

like it

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