I've just finished writing a rough draft of the espresso training manual for the new cafe I am working at. We just opened two weeks ago and I was brought in for my barista knowledge to train the new baristas. Anyone willing to proof read and give advice would be greatly appreciated. It is the first time I've had to sit down and write an espresso training manual. My goal is to have a detailed but not to weighty guide for new baristas. Something that as a trainer you would sit down with them and go over the basics of steaming, dosing, tamping and pulling then head to the machine to for the hands on experience. I've attached the .docx file to this discussion for your perusing pleasure.

Constructive criticism is very welcome.

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Im not much of a trainer but you'll need to add picture...makes it much easier to learn....
I would love to read through it... give me a day or two and I'll email you my feedback!
another thing on the milk resteaming issue- since it is a product that most health departments require to be heated to a minimum temperature to assure bacteria death, there is also usually a corollary that fresh cold product cannot be added to hot product because the resultant mixture is within the thresholds of bacteria growth. beyond it not tasting as good, and the fact that already steamed milk loses it's capability of texturing, your best bet is to get your baristas good at dosing there milk correctly right off the bat to avoid these issues. a health inspector would flip if they saw you adding 35 degree milk to 120 degree milk
Hey all, I apologize for being gone the last couple days. Monday I lost a dear friend and have been dealing with family/friends and arrangements for two different wakes. As soon as things slow down a bit I will return and thank everyone individually for their awesome comments and suggestions. You have given me many great ideas and reminded me of some things I really missed, and some things I really shouldn't cut corners on for any reason. Thanks again and hope to be back soon with the revisions for another run through. ;)

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