I have a 2.5 year old Aurelia semi-automatic, two group head machine. I had to rebuild the steam wand assembly which required me to turn off the machine. When I turned it back on, the machine went nuts. Here is the timeline of events:

turned machine off, cooled down and removed the fron, top control panel (has the buttons). This panel flips up over the machine giving access to the front guts.


When I got the mechanical parts fixed, I replaced the panel and turned the machine back on. Initially, nothing happened. About 30 seconds later, the blue control buttons only for the right group head began to light, but were dim. A few minutes later, the rest of the blue control buttons lit up, but were pulsating. They would pulsate (bright to dim- never completely off) for about 10 seconds, and then briefly flicker off. This would repeat itself over and over again.


About 10 minutes into this, I had good steam, but nothing out of the groupheads or the water dispenser.


90 minutes later (!!), I still didn't have any water from the GH or the dispenser. By this time, it was 11 pm, so I went home. They next morning, everything seemed to be fine. Good steam, water and could pull shots. Today, though (next day), I can't pull shots if I use the hot water dispenser. So I have hot water for one programmed cycle, but immediately after, if I try to pull espresso, the water flow shuts off after 1-2 seconds. If I let the machine sit for 30 minutes, I can pull espresso again, but not consistantly.


Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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I haven't tampered with the front panel on mine. Just wondering if any wiring harnesses could've been crossed somehow. Or if there might be a steam leak/moisture causing electrical gremlins related to the fix.

I'm definitely thinking there's a control cable issue. Check your ribbon cable and the connectors - if you pinched or cut any of the wires or pulled the connector out a bit that might be your problem. Work carefully though, with your power off.


If that doesn't help, call the guys at the Nuova Simonelli tech support desk - (360)366-2226 then navigate through their automated attendant. They're great.


Good luck, and post back.

Thanks, Brady- I have talked to service, and that is what they suggested as well. Looks like I know what I'm doing after I close tonight.
Found the problem. The board behind the main control panel must have a short. Now, if I'm pulling a shot and I push the button that warms the cups, it shut the water off as well. At least I hope that is the problem. The board is about $140, but at least it is an easy fix.

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