Attn: Scace 2 users - what psi do you prefer at the grouphead??

Just wondering if anyone has decided to go outside of the norm on this. I'm currently set at 120 psi as per Klaus Thomsen's recommendation, and it seems to work out pretty well for my E-61, but I've recently noticed that Ritual Coffee Roasters states a very low 105(I believe??) psi at the grouphead for their recommended settings. That does sound pretty low and all, but with a little bit coarser grind it could definitely be interesting to see how it would play out pulling through a bottomless portafilter.

So anyone have any thoughts as to going lower on the scale of things?

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Well, I have a Scace I, but I have modded it to accept a plug-in manometer. I've adjusted my machine from 8 Bar (115 psi) to 10.5 (150 psi) Bar since I modded the Scace, and I've found that I like (with the coffees that I'm using) I like it just about 9 Bar (130psi).
OTOH, when I could source Intelli's BC locally, I liked that at just above 8 Bar, if I pushed almost twenty grams and ran it at 201 to 203 F.

I can't imagine pulling shots at 7.25 Bar. I started getting really harsh and whiny (not wine-y) shots at anything under 8 Bar. But that's just me.
Really, that's what I'm sayin! 7 1/4 bars just seems to be ridiculously low. I remember messing around with the OPV before and pulling pretty good shots with the pressure fairly close to where I'm at right now(roughly 8.3 bar). I just can't imagine dipping THAT low though.
I can't add much to the core discussion in progress but I CAN add another question: for you paddle-style preinfusers out there, where do you set the line pressure for preinfusion? I have my pressure regulator set at 3 bars but I'm starting to feel like I might need a little more "umph."

To keep this topical, I'll add that I'm running 10 bars with the pump and everything's pulling peachy. ;)

No problem getting a little OT... there's barely any info out on the net about desired Scace 2 pressure settings, so I'm not expecting too much feedback here.
To answer your question though about pre-infusion, most people have it about where you are at ~ 3 bars, with the majority seeming to preinfuse at the magical 4 bar mark. I have heard of people going as high 6 an then to pull pressure, then back to 6 before shutoff. Best way to figure this out though is to just experiment.
This is all kind of unwritten territory really - at least in the sense that actual settings haven't been discussed much yet.
Be very careful about how you utilize the Scace 2 pressure readings.

Read this thread:
That's exactly the same thread where I got my 120 psi figure from, and is one of just two topics concerning Scace 2 pressure settings that I've ever been able to find(the other is a CoffeeGeek GS/3 thread about pressure discrepancies).
I can tell you that if you set one machine to 120 psi and another to the same brew pressure, the shots pulls are pretty much exactly the same(given of course that you've got your temps pretty much the same as well) with no change to the grinder's fineness settings. This reason alone is worth using the device imo.

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