So I'm currently posted up in Raleigh, NC and looking to make a move up to the mountains to the lovely town of Asheville. I've heard mixed things from my fellow baristas in Raleigh about cafe prospects there, anyone live in/near that area who can give me any tips? Good cafes to look into, etc.? Anything and everything would be totally helpful.



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what a surprise, another person emigrating to asheville!

are you looking for work, or just places to get decent coffee at?

edit: i just noticed the forum heading, which would seem to indicate that you're looking for work. i can shoot you some advice, but considering i own a café in asheville, i'd rather not do so publicly haha! drop me an email at wakinglifeespresso (at)
Izzy's Coffee Den is my favorite but there are certainly others that are quite good. The Dripolater and World Coffee Cafe are my other favorites. The scene in general there is pretty nice in my opinion. You can also hook up with the good folks at Counter Culture because they have a training and cupping lab there. They may have some info for some of their retailers they sell to.

That's my 2 cents.
Alexis, I suspect that several from that lovely city will be headed to SERBC in 2 weeks. It might be worth a trip there to meet some people.
Thanks guys! I'm definitely going to be looking for cafe work in Asheville come April, probably make a trip out there in the next month or so to schlepp my resume around to every decent-looking place I can find. I'm currently working to get my barista certification through counterculture, which will be finished at the beginning of april, and then after that i'm headin for the mountains. I wish I could make it to the one from my cafe is going and I couldn't spring for a hotel by myself. Eh.
Malaprops has been around forever. Tupelo Honey is doing well. The Dripolator and Izzy's are personal faves.
There's a lot of good coffee in Asheville. If you get the chance, check out Waynesville too. Very pretty town and much less crowded.
Also a newish one is Posana. Spelled right?
*cough* there's also this great little new place called waking life espresso *cough*
So I went to your cafe's site ( and I read everything on it and all I gotta say is, nine yards of AWESOME.

Jared Rutledge said:
*cough* there's also this great little new place called waking life espresso *cough* is the site for the roaster I've been to in Asheville. Pretty cool set up. They do a lot of orders for shops that want custom blends for espresso and drip. They are over in West Asheville.
Izzy's and the Dripolater are my favorite.
Jared Rutledge and Waking Life Espresso. Can't stop, Won't stop,. Whaaat!

Chris Tellez said:
Jared Rutledge and Waking Life Espresso. Can't stop, Won't stop,. Whaaat!


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