I'm opening a 400 SF one and need all the advice I can get! My biggest problem will be storage for sure...what have you done to keep things organized and controlled? How did you get a handle on ordering quantities?
Thanks for your suggestions/advice in advance!

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Thank you! I hope to afford staff in the near future. =0)

Thomas Ervin-Ward said:
Yep I agree. I started out with a 8sqm store (86sq feet) and it was really really crowded. Now have 25sqm store (270sq feet) with indoor seating for 12 and it feels massive! Keep menu simple, make awesome coffee and make people feel like they are guests in your kitchen. Keep colours light or bright and full of energy. Keep the music pumping! You may need that external storage, and keep a tight eye on stock levels instore. Chances are you will have small staff, so make sure they can multitask and actually care about doing a good job, and reward them with good pay, respect and gratitude. In a small store the staff become integral to your success, they all have to be good because there is no one else to hide behind and pick up the slack. Finally, shelving, shelving and more shelving.
Good luck!
Buehrer said:
i love my small store. i think it is a fantastic model and probably the most efficient way to make your cafe operate at maximum efficiency! keep your menu limited and strive to make the highest quality drink and you will be be in a great position!

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