Hey, I'm just a coffee house fan, but I was wondering what exactly the rules are about serving alcohol in a coffee house. I was under the impression that any place serving alcohol would have to have age restrictions; however I have been in a few coffee houses with wine bars and last year I went to a gig at the Wandering Goat (i believe) in Eugene, OR and they were selling bottled beers and the show was all ages.

I'm just wondering where the lines are to needing an alcohol license/being a bar/needing age restrictions. Just a bit confusing.


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I believe that in most states, the age restriction is limited to "bars" or some similar category. That category is usually defined as establishments that make most of their money from the sales of alcohol or something along those lines. That's why in most areas some restaurants and coffee houses can obtain liquor licenses and not impose age restrictions.
Note that these rules vary not only by state but often by county as well and any definitive answer would have to be specific to the locale.
There was a discussion about this a while ago. The general consensus was that you have to have a "full" liquor license, regardless of whether you have a huge (alcohol) bar operation or just use liquors in creative coffee drinks. In New York State, the "full" liquor license is MUCH more expensive than the beer & wine license. Both involve HUGE amounts of paperwork.

After doing some research, I decided not to go any further.

Ron, the Country Guy

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