Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Misty vally DP.... one the best ethiopians out there in my opinion.

Mike Shipley said:

Ethiopian Yergacheffe Idido Misty Valley. In a big cup.

Wilson, we just got a new Kenyan in to the shop the other day, not Nyeri though. I think it's Tembo AA. I'll have to try it as espresso. I know that Yergi is sooo good through a machine too.

Ever tried a Cup of Excellence as an SO espresso?

I'm drinking a cup of guatemala huehuetengo* (i think thats how it's spelled). Absolutely blown away! outstanding fruity, strawberry notes!

Kenya for me :)

Rwanda Gatare.  Cup of Excellence award winner from last year, and richly deserved.  (No pun intended.)

Irving Farms- Santa Isabel Estate from Guatemala.


Philz Coffee.  Ether blend

Honduran Micro-Lot that is phenomenal. I love South American varieties and this is by far one of the best beans I've gotten a hold of.

Metropolis's Hullabaloo holiday blend. It slays. Brewed it in a Bonmac pro.

A very nice Aethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga batch brewed in the Moccamaster this morning. Have it in a thermos since no change to brew where I am working right now. Nevertheless - a beautiful cup !

Don Cayito Los Angeles from Costa Rica.  Roasted by Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz Ca. 

Like a sweet lemon pie with a side of... watermelon?  V60 is doing it right.

I'm drinking the crap out of some Ethiopian Harrar from my roaster Honduras Coffee Co. in Stuart, VA. He used to roast it on the dark side, but lately I've been asking him to do medium or light medium. Every bag I get is an Ethiopian by characteristic, but the fruit has been intense on every batch. The Harrar I've had has been rich blueberry, which is common with Harrar. But sometimes it has more watermelon quality. This most recent batch is most memorable to me, because it tastes like a fresh cut strawberries, and almost a peachy after-taste! Not only is it in the flavor, but its also in the aroma. It's so strong, it actually surpasses the regular coffee flavor. It blew me away yesterday. I could had sworn someone dumped strawberry juice in the Carafe.

Tugboat Coffee Kenya AA Gakuyuni Estate...unbelievable, unusual flavor.  Too bad we will never see this coffee again :(

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