I'm a small roaster, interested in joining or STARTING a green coffee buying cooperative, preferably based in the mid-Atlantic region somewhere. Anyone interested in discussing?

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Could be an interesting discussion. I think the challange will be in quantities, storage, administration depending on the number of people.

I'm in North Carolina. I have a climate and humidity controlled facility with room for storage. I also have a freight depot around the corner from my shop, and a heavy truck. I think we could reasonable consider a group with members as far north as Maryland, south to Georgia and west to Tennessee. I'm thinking quantities in the 20-30 sack range a few times a year.
Unfortunately I'm a little too far North, but I would like to keep up on how it goes. I think it's a great idea, and from the sounds of it all you need is some fellow roasters in your area.....all of the logistics are in place. I looked at your website...its very cool... does the dog do all of the work and you take the credit?!! lol
I'm in central Texas, too far?
Depends on how many of us go in together, how much we buy, and how frequently. My interest is in half sacks to have more variety. Also we need to agree where/how to buy. anyone interested in off-line discussion contact me at jim @ muddydogcoffee dot com.
hi jim,

i could be interested. i used to work with counter culture, and now work as the green buyer / coffee guy for dallis coffee in nyc. i will be a judge in the coe el salvador and honduras events this year, and will be looking for folks interested in sharing outstanding lots from these and other auctions. let me know if you are interested in working together on this sort of coffee program.

Please keep me in the loop on this idea. I have a container arriving on Thursday from the farm and we plan on our next container to arrive in December. I'm in SC near Greenville, about an hour from Asheville, NC. I could ship from here to save us all on double shipping charges. I'd really like some more farmer-direct coffees or direct trade.
I'm in Va, just outside of Richmond. id' definitely be interested in this.

I'm already buying for a home roaster buying club, as well as local roasters in DC, on the order of a 10-20 bags/month. Can vouch for Ildi--she's supplied our group with excellent beans in the past.

Also working to form CoE buying groups and to work to connect Mid-Atlantic roasters. Drop me a line to discuss further. I like the idea.
CJ said:
I'm in central Texas, too far?

I'd love to do something like this in Texas.
If you are interested in anything Archepelego Indonesian (Aceh through to Indonesia Papua) drop me a line. I might be able to help out.
Have you been able to get this started. I am a samll roaster in southern Illinois, and I would be interested. I know you stated the North Atlantic area, but I am interested, please let me know.


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