I have been wanting to just travel to some coffee farm that is safe and other fun things to do. Learn about the process and see the coffee plant first hand (besides looking at my potted ones on my shelf). I also wanted to make a group trip out of it, that way everyone learns alot. I think here at the 'Exchange' we could get a nice group together and make something great of it.

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Some pics of the finca and house in Antigua Guatemala

More pics

Just to know, Brazilian coffee harvest goes from june till august!!! Be welcome! Any needs mail me.
If you are interested on a Trip to Origin, please let me know we are putting together a Trip to Cerrado Region in Brazil, month of Setember.

For more details please send me an email or call me.


Luiz Rizental
512-431-2928 US
I would like to correct the my phone number:

512-587-2689 US

Thanks, Luiz
When is the best time per region to visit a coffee plantation? I would love to experience harvesting and processing but at the same time I have free time in Sept, October and maybe early November this year, so I would like to go somewhere during this time period. Does anyone know of any resource/guide to different harvesting seasons around the globe?

Is it still worth visiting coffeegrowing farms out of season?

I am considering Central America, Colombia, Brazil. Maybe even Ethiopia, Kenya or Rhwanda.
I am def into it. Already had the idea in my head. Contact me if you want to plan something.

Hey guys, you are welcome to come to Guatemala, harvest time for Antigua Guatemala goes from late october to mid february, regardless of the storm we got almost two weeks ago the coffee plantations are doing good, more than ever we want to help the communities that lost their homes or so.-


If you are interested on a Trip to Origin, please let me know and I can forward to you our invitation for Sep/2010 in Brazil.

Thank you,

Luiz Rizental
Thanks Luiz, I decided to go to Panama and Costa Rica instead. In Oct or Nov, I know harvest have hardly begun by then but I have other things to consider. I'm flying into San Jose, Costa Rica and out from Panama City. I have not made any firm arrangements with farms yet so if anyone have suggestions etc or want to tag along just gimme a shout!
I would like to visit some origins, any group trips soon?
Sumatra Coffee
Anyone have tips for where to visit coffee plantations in Sumatra? I'll be there in December/January. I found a place near Panang that discovered some original trees brought by the Dutch that were thought to have disappeared. I'm hoping to go visit and try their Kopi Luwak. Here's a link to the one I found: http://www.mandailingestatecoffee.com/index.html

I've also read about a coffee company in Medan and believe they get coffee from the region South of Lake Toba. Anyone have other suggestions, they are most welcome!

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