Who are you and what do you roast on?
My name is Steve Kessler and I'm a roaster/customer service rep for Espressions Coffee Roastery in Phoenix, AZ. I roast on a 25kilo Probat.

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Hi, I'm Kris Mena and I roast on a Probat 12 kilo in Nashville, Tn.
Greetings everyone,
My name is Stephen Frame. One of a, hopefully, growing number of Australian members here.
I've recently gotten my hands on a Diedrich IR-3. Tracked down a small but useful roasting location just today, and hope to kick off in the next couple of weeks.
Learning curve here I come.
Hey, I'm Aaron Boothe, and near as I can tell, I'm the first one to post who doesn't actually roast in a shop. I'm currently a student at the University of Minnesota Duluth studying Chemistry and Business. I will be graduating next May and hope to either go to grad school for Food Science (specifically flavor chemistry) or just move west. Right now I have two roasters although they are quite a bit smaller than most of you guys have... I roast at home on a Hottop for myself and for and several customers. I also have a research lab here at the University that is equipped with what used to be a poppery. However, for the last 6 months, 2 computer science students, an electrical engineer, and a mechanical engineer and I have been modifying it to its current state. We dropped its batch size down to a tiny 40 grams, computer controlled it, and built a new free standing housing to make loading and cooling easier. I look forward to hearing about the joys of roasting for a living.
Well, guess that makes me the second one of the bunch that doesn't roast for a shop. I'm Hugh Mooney, a home roaster in Southern California. Really new to the coffee industry. I bought a Gene Cafe, my first and only roaster (so far), around the middle of December (2007) and have run about 50+ roasts through it so far. I don't have anything to compare it to but so far it has done a really good job and has never missed a beat. I've done a lot of experimenting with numerous coffees and have tried a bunch of different profiles. So far so good. It's really been a lot of fun and extremely educational. About the only thing I talk about these days is Coffee, autoracing and horseracing. I launched a small website (www.TheCoffeeCorral.com) a couple months ago that my friends and a few customers order from - it's been a ball. Does anyone out there have any knowledge of the Diedrich Home Roaster? This is a great site, I just joined and look forward to continuing my education.
Hey all. My name is Dominic and I roast on a Probat L12. Its a work horse for sure but I would like more control over air flow. Looks like a lot of folks on this site are roasting on Diedrich. I work for Barefoot right now but eventually would like to get out on my own. Is anyone so enthusiastic about their roaster that they would want to tell me that it is hands down the roaster I need to invest in for my own shop.
Welcome to the group Mike!
hello I'm Tim and I enjoy roasting on a Probat L12 and restoring another L12 up here in the misty hills of Northern California. We're shopping around for a 30-40 kilo roaster and while I like Probats I am open to quite a few different things from Roure to Loring and beyond.

Ps Hey McMike! Nice picture. Can I buy you an ice cream cone?
Hey Tim. Where you at in them misty hills. I love northern CA. I used to live in Willits and also Fortuna. What will become of those Probats once you get a bigger roaster? I am pre-shopping right now to see whats out there but probably won't be getting anything too soon. Also how did you come upon the L12 you are restoring. That sounds like a project right up my alley and what better way to know all the ins and outs of your machine.
Happy roasting
Carol in Alaska. I roast on a Dietrich IR-7. Started with a Sonofresco fluid based. I like the fuel economy (natural gas) of the Diretrich becasue of the infrared burners and I do profle roast. Control with the Dietrich is good. It's easy to maintain and I do all the maintenance myself. Notice a big influence of weather -barometric pressure particularly, on roast duration, so profile roasting helps with quality control. I started classes where people pay to roast and keep the coffee they roast. People like to do this for the holidays to give their own roasted coffee as gifts. Lots of fun and a great way to build customer appreciation for the art of roasting.
I roast for a shops, custom blend for restaurants and sell retail, but it's not high volume. I am still the micro artisan roaster and I love it.
Hello, Owen:
I just joined this group and saw your name.
If memory serves me right, we met in Sandpoint in June 06. I remember your talking about buying the IR 3. I purchased the I-7 and love it. Am still the micro roaster in town am developing my own blends with local names ( e.g., Black Bear Blend, Back Country, Fly Fisher's). need to spend more time marketing, but got into a partnership in an espresso bar in a bookstore and that takes up a lot of time. The good thing is that learning to be a barista helps understand what the customers want in roasted coffee. I am ordering beans from Atlas, but shipping is going up. Now paying an 18.5% fuel surcharge on shipments.
From whom do you buy beans? Am sorry about your setback and hope you can fulfill your dreams soom;
Carol in Alaska
Hows it goin my name I Joe McNutt and i roast for Higher Grounds Coffee Shop in Fort Wayne, IN. I roast on a 12kilo Diedrich.
I'm a home roaster, sell a little "roasted just for you coffee" from my website (mostly to local real estate agents - they use it as a unique gifts to their clients - and friends). I've been looking at the Dietrich Home Roaster, which has a 1 pound capacity and the Topper electric shop roaster which has a 2+ pound capacity. Both are within a $1000 dollars of each other. It sounds like you've had a good experience with the Dietrich. I haven't seen much from Topper users. Do you have any other feedback you could share regarding the Dietrich? From what I've read I don't think I want a Sonofresco.


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