Who are you and what do you roast on?
My name is Steve Kessler and I'm a roaster/customer service rep for Espressions Coffee Roastery in Phoenix, AZ. I roast on a 25kilo Probat.

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Hey everyone my name is Chad and I am the roaster and production manager for Dilworth Coffee in Charlotte, NC. I roast on three machines, a 10 k roure+ a 20k samiac+and a 90k barth but mainly use the samiac for everyday use.
Hi, My name is CJ and I roast on a little ym-2 from Ambex for my company Rivertown Roasters in San Marcos, TX. It's a whole lot of fun and I can't wait 'til the day I can say I've been roasting for 20 years.
I am trying to get the fan CFM on our ealry 90's Probat L12. Anyone know it off the top of their head?

we are trying to size an exhaust fan for updraft on top of the stack so we can blow the smoke higher and keep airflow steady. Anyone have any ideas to help? We so far have speced a variable CFM fan that goes from zero to 350CFM. But somewhere in my addled brain I remember 400 CFM as the L12 fan volume.

any help would be appreciated.
Hello, my name is Kyle. I am an apprentice/home roaster working for Zoka located in Seattle,WA. We use a Probot 24k. At home I use my 2k bbq RK drum and several smaller fluidbed roasters.

Good ole Diedrich IR-12! Love it. won't ever change!
Hey everyone.... my name is Flo. I roast for Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters here in Portland, Oregon! Guess I got the best of both worlds going here, we have a L-5 Probat (the Little Engine That Could) and a IR-12 Diedrich. Oh and a little Hottop roaster to sample on.
My personal favorite is roasting on the Probat and my partner prefers roasting on the Diedrich (she did rebuild it herself... so really we aren't allowed to touch it!!)
Glad I found this site!! Great to be here!
My name is Charles Nelson and I own a cafe called "Downtown Coffee" here in Honolulu, Hawaii. We just started about 3 months ago and are having a ball. Roasting on a Diedrich IR-3 and liking it so far.
I'm Brandon Smyth and I roast on a 60 kilo / 15 kilo Probat at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon. I'm also trying to learn to grill tofu.
Hi! I'm Sarah with El Capitan Espresso/Roasting Co. based in the Bay Area, CA. We don't have a storefront (yet) and are renting time on someone else's Probat L5. We're selling FTO beans and cups of drip at Farmers' Markets and working on a business plan for a storefront with a roaster. I love roasting, and have found that cupping is one of the most challenging parts of the process, but also the most rewarding! Looking forward to Coffee Fest Seattle where we'll be taking a few cupping and blending classes. Look for us in the Bay Area in the near future!
When I was at roasting in Duluth, MN I roasted on a 60k Samiac, a 30k Samiac, and a 1# San Franciscan sample roaster. We also had a 12k Dietrich, but it was a display piece (pretty sure it is the oldest still operational Dietrich in existence).
Right on steve,

My name is Matt Higgins I am a roaster, trainer, equipment repair and fabrication guy, barista, basically a coffee dude in portland oregon. I am currently getting my own roastery setup, I have roasted on a Diedrich IR12, a Probatino, and currently my own Diedrich IR3 that I converted to propane. Its pretty accurate but getting used to different manometer readings was funny.

good to see everyone here
Miro/Ugly/3kilo Diedrich.


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