we have noticed a design flaw with the creamer pitchers we use at the shop...there's a little gap between the vaccuum bottle lining and the plastic shell and cream has gotten trapped in there. We've tried soaking them overnite in purocaff, immersing them overnite in vinegar and water, but there's still little chunks of coagulated cream trapped in that crack.

Has anybody come up with a solution to what seems to be a common problem?

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do you have a name brand for those pitchers?
Zojirushi is a very good company. The pitchers are a little pricey but they last and come clean.
Without looking at your pitchers and hearing your problem, it sounds like your carafe's have a design flaw if milk is getting in between the liner. Toss them and get new ones, or try to see if you can get your money back on the service ideas ones.

We use Stanley Commercial and they are sweet. Stainless steel and they have the cool finish so that fingerprints do not show up on the outside. Their airpots are the same. Talk to Deborah: (847)983-0533


Set up a wholesale account with them, their prices are extremely competitive for everything, and they have been great to work with.
I use my steam wand from the espresso machine and blast all the crud out.

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