New start-up trying to decide between the endless offerings for frappes and smoothies...what are your recommendations....Jet bases, Dr. Smoothie, MoCafe,, pre-mixed coffee frappes or add your own to non coffee? We are looking for great quality but would love to keep it there an all in 1 you can just add sauces and coffee to including a Green Tea powder? Please Respond. Thanks!!!!!!
Mark Twain Ice & Coal

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One more note; many of the powder mixes have hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, etc. that people don't want anymore. Another good selling point on building your own drink.

I like what a lot of you had to share. But I did not hear anyone who has sat down and tried more than 3 different brands/sources/methods to see what worked for them. I hope that isn't what's really going on, I hope that people are trying everything you can. How else did Single Origin espresso become a thing? Assume nothing.


I sold 3 blended drinks at my drive-thru.

One was hand crafted with frozen strawberries, frozen aged bananas,  I used Dandy-Blend instead of adding chocolate or espresso because it probided a great bitter backdrop, a scoop of protein, and of course peanut butter. They were more than amazing. I had a dedicated pitcher because of the real peanut butter I was using (allergen concerns).


I also used Jet smoothies and Big Train frappes. Because people ordered them. And they liked them. And the came back. And they paid money. And that kept me just above starving.


You find your balance. This is how I rolled and kept my doors open, it worked for me is all I can say.


Also remember - Ice shape/density.... and what blender and setting you are using. Are your blades even sharp still? Do they need to be sharp? Boy... I think we still have a lot to learn about blending in general.

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