We were talking around the store today about all the different names for drinks. We call coffee with a shot a Red Eye. We have also heard it called a Shot in the Dark.

Along those same lines, we are trying to decide what to call a Chai with espresso. We have heard Chai Charger, Chai High, Morning Glory Chai, Dirty Chai, and Hail Mary.

We would love to hear what you all call these drinks!

Jenny and the Bean Team at Peaberry's Coffeehouse, La Crosse, WI

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I have heard the coffee with a shot called a Red Eye most frequently, with two shots a black eye, and three a Tri-Clops. One customer calls the single shot coffee a Dirty Hairy, another Punch-in-the-face, and a third calls it SuperJuice. For the chai with a shot, it varies just as much. Turbo Chai, Dirty Chai, if it is with soy milk and espresso a Rasta Chai. Bottom line, whatever you want to call it, or your customers want to call it, have fun with it. Just try to be consistent.
More like a dilution of good espresso!
Oh we were having this discussion the other day! We say Red Eye (1 shot), Black Eye (2...), Dead Eye (3) and defibrillator (4, because you'd need to be revived after the dead eye). Also, after a request for 1/2 water 1/2 coffee and a shot we called that a Visine and if you add milk to any it's a Pink Eye.

The debate about chai with a shot is divided. Some say Dirty Chai, the others Electric Chai. Does anyone say Hail Mary?
For Chai plus a shot we prefer "Chai Charger".
"Dirty" chai has a connotation of degrading the chai. We believe the espresso, should you want it there, improves the chai... nothing dirty about it. It's all goodnees. :)
Cooper is also a term for a Red Eye, a big Central New York thing. There are theories it might be referencing Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks.
Dirty Chai is what we call it here, and we use the term Depth Charge in reference of coffee with a shot. I am still working on a "Jag bomb" or "BOiler Maker"concept where we drop a full shot glass into a six ounce 180 degree cup of coffee and slam it, no takers yet.
Jump Start, and Dirty Chai. However, I like the name Redeye.
Depth charge, and a Chai Cowboy. Call it out with a "GIDDYUP!"
Jump Start here, too, and no name as of yet for the chai + spro, but I will call it Dirty Chai from now on. Love it!
I love the cowboy chai especially with the giddyup!!
Being Australian, I call it non-existent... A shot of espresso in a cup of coffee? Thats just a double-espresso man, we just don't have the drip-culture you folks have.
I've worked at too many shops. For the espresso in drip: hammer head, shot-in-the-dark, depth charge, hammer head, and one I've not seen on this thread "reveille".

I'm going to keep a jar of olive juice handy in case someone orders a dirty chai from me.

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