Sunday Night: 2 hours round trip to pick up catering equipment and load car
Monday: 3 hours training in college coffee shop, 5 hour shift at coffee bar, 5 hours catering
Tuesday: 4 hours with other job, 4 hours training with group of 20 and 1 hour cleanup
Wednesday: 3 hours training with other staff at college cafe, 5 hour shift at coffee bar, 3 hour meeting
This has been my week thus far. I still have a few days of regular coffee bar/ roasting work to do and a machine install on Friday Night.

Should a barista be able to have a grasp on all processes of coffee, or do we need to be narrowly focused on the craft of preparation? Should trainers just be trainers? Should baristas just work the bar? Should machine technicians just fix machines?

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A HUGE "AMEN" to both Mitch and Jason's comments!!!

One person can only do so much, and it lies within each of us to decide at what point we begin to diminish all our "coffee related abilities" by spreading our web too thin. Eventually, one of those fibers is gonna snap, and the rest of what remains always suffers with it.

Delegation and teamwork are great things when surrounded by great people :)

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