New S.O. Brazil, Fazenda Marimbondo - Carmo de Minas

New crop from the Brazilian Highlands of Carmo de Minas is in.
Tasty stuff with lots of layers. The acidity is uncharacteristically muted in this high altitude example from Fazenda Marimbondo. Instead of the sweet cherry-lemonade vibe it has an interesting "candy in the cup" thing going on. Almond Roca comes to mind. Notes as follows...

Acid 6.5
Body 7.5
Texture 8
Flavors - At the grind hazelnut, almond, toffee and chocolote. Hint of orange citrus acid, not prevalent but there. When wet lemon/orange, toffee, caramel and an insane amount of nuttiness. Almond Roca, Ferraro Rocher, completely candy-like! The cup stays remarkably consistant through all heat levels (low acid presence) and shows toffee, caramel, hazelnut, roasted almond, and root beer. The slight acid stays sweetly mellow, more orange than lemon (compared to aroma note). Nice syrupy velvet body.

Available at both cafes and some of our wholesale clients' shops. You can order online at or send me a note with your location and i'll tell you if you are close to one.


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