Irresistible Afternoon Treats for Any Coffee Lover

Coffee comes from a short tree known for its prolific production of berries. When roasted and brewed over water of about 190 degrees Fahrenheit, the beans produce a bold, rich flavor that is known around the world. Many people enjoy pairing a delectable treat along with their coffee. Consider some of these delightful afternoon treats that are sure to please any coffee lover.

Fruit Tarts

Fruit tarts with a light, flaky crust and a dusting of sugar across the top make a delightful pairing with Brazilian and Costa Rican coffees. Some companies, like 11th Street Coffee, know that flavors like blueberry or cherry pair well with coffee. The acidity of the berries perfectly complements the bitterness of these dark roasted coffees.

Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee is made from some of the most exotic and flavorful beans from around the world. Grown in more than 50 nations, coffee that is considered to be gourmet depends on having the right combination of three variables. These variables include the right level of precipitation, the ideal elevation and the chemistry of the soil. Coffee grown in Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Hawaii are known to have the perfect blends of these ingredients. The coffee's roast also affects its gourmet status. There are four roasts, with the darkest tending to be favored by gourmets, explains the National Coffee Association.


The thick, fudgy texture of brownies pairs well with coffee harvested in Indonesia or Guatemala. There are hundreds of types of brownies, so you could change up your treat as your cravings shift. Consider a walnut brownie with a medium roast coffee or a milk chocolate brownie with a basic brew. A brownie with a streak of caramel through it would pair well with any of your favorite coffees.

Milk Chocolate

A sweet, rich square of milk chocolate will counter the bitterness or acidity of any type of coffee. The two flavors come together in a way that delights the palate. Try a milk chocolate and sea salt morsel and pair it with Kona or Colombian coffee. The slightly more bitter flavors of Kenyan and Yemeni coffees work well with a chocolate that includes almond slivers or hints of mint.

These tasty treats can be made in your own kitchen. You can even feel free to substitute a few ingredients, such as adding dark chocolate chips in place of milk chocolate. With these tasty morsels, your afternoon coffee break will surely be one of your favorite times of the day.

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