Digging two new single origin coffees as both press and espresso:

Guatemala “La Virgen”
Acid: 6
Body: 7
Texture: Carbonated, milk chocolate.
Flavor: Spicy sweet seed fruits like cherry, strawberry and blackberry reminiscent of Harrar coffee from Ethiopia. Tinder box spices, with a milky cocoa body. Sparkly start with smooth sweet finish. Fairly simple and direct in flavor and presence, not huge but not small either. Intriguing departure from the normal Guatemalan profile of Huehuetenango or Antigua.

La Virgen is grown at an elevation of 1200 meters in San Marcos, a municipality of Tajumulco.

Kenya AA Tassia
Acid: 6
Body: 9
Texture: Buttery and juicy.
Flavor: When hot tomato soup and fresh (thai) basil pop out, followed by coconut and beef stew. The acid is citrus, lime and orange. A cinnamon flavor comes out as well giving it an almost cola like vibe. Lots of layers, very complex and deep.

The Tassia Estate is located in a tropical savanna climate, with red loam (acidic) soil. The coffee is wet processed and sun dried on raised beds. Grown at an elevation of 1500 meters using shade grown Sysbania and Gravellia trees of which 80% were planted in the 1940’s. Tassia Estate registered as a private limited company in 1950 and operates the farm on a 5 year crop rotation cycle.

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