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Taste Faker? 3 Ways to Develop a Finer Food Palette

There’s nothing trendier than having a bit of knowledge about food. From Instagram posts to elaborate dinner parties, it seems like everyone is taking food a bit more seriously. If you find yourself faking your way through most food-related conversations, it’s time to step up your taste game. Below are a few different tactics you can try to make yourself a…


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5 People You Want to Have on Call When Opening Your Cafe

Running a café requires more forethought and planning than people may realize. While acquiring essential furniture and equipment for the café are your top priorities, it’s also essential to acquire a list of trusted service professionals whom you can call upon when your café experiences a technical issue.


Although most people associate a café…


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How to Save Your Cafe's Inventory if the Power Goes out

Taking care of your inventory when the power goes out requires a little preparation. This may not be something every cafe owner considers, but the risk is still there. Taking some of the following suggestions to keep your inventory safe is smart.

Prepare Your…


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Coffee Collective: How to Expand Your Cafe to a New Location

Most businesses have humble beginnings, but most owners want to grow. You probably were not expecting your cafe to grow this quickly, but now you are ready to expand your business to a new location. This represents a big step for your business, and you can make the right moves with the following…


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4 Tricks to Making Cafe-Style Coffee in Your Own Home

A nice cup of coffee is how many people get each day started. You might enjoy the flavor additions that you can add or the burst of energy given by the caffeine to get you through the day. Instead of boring coffee, spice up each cup by making cafe-style brews that will make you think you’ve left home to grab your favorite treat.

The Right Equipment



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Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Using Pure Nitrogen Cartridge

N2 : Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Using Pure Nitrogen Cartridge

N2 is a nitro coffee maker using pure nitrogen cartridge only to make nitro cold brew coffee.


N2 uses 2g…


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5 Things You Don't Want to Forget When You Open a Coffee Shop

Owning your own small business is a dream that many people share. When you are looking to start your own business, one great option would be to open your own coffee shop. This can be a great business for anyone that loves coffee and dealing with people on a regular basis. While owning a coffee shop can be a great business idea and career path, it can come with its own…


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Low Light: How to Create the Perfect Ambiance for Your Cafe

The ambiance is critical in any dining venue. Just as you spend time crafting the perfect food and drink menu, selecting the décor and choosing the music for your café, you also need to set the mood with the right lighting. Each café has a different desired ambiance, and this ambiance may even change depending on the time of day. There are various ways to control the…


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Grand Opening: 4 Steps to Getting Your Cafe Ready for Business

Getting a cafe ready for a grand opening is a time-consuming process, but this work should prove quite rewarding. Still, there is a lot to pay attention to before you open those doors. The following are four steps you need to take before…


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Coffee and Treats: 4 Tasty Ideas that Create a Superb Brunch Fantasy

Few things can be more relaxing than a delectable brunch. What could be better than savoring some of the most delightful treats around? Great coffee doesn’t hurt, either. If you want to set up a brunch to remember for life, these four ideas can help you significantly.

Blueberry Waffles

Think about making blueberry waffles the focal point of your upcoming…


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3 Ways Your Cafe Can Avoid a Write-Up from a Health Inspector

When the health inspector visits your café, you may understandably feel overwhelmed with stress. The inspector’s findings can play a major role in your ability to maintain a solid reputation in the community and to turn a profit. After all, local residents will avoid your venue if low ratings are published. If conditions are very poor, the inspector could even force…


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Smooth Tasting: How to Find the Best Coffee Flavors for Your at-Home Java Station

Do you not have the bankroll to justify going to a coffee shop every day but also find home brewing to be tedious and not flavorful enough? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking all coffee is made alike. There are so many flavors out there for you to try. If you don’t know where to start, this guide will help.

Consider Your Tastes

When you’re at a coffee…


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Profitable Cafe: How to Manage Business Debt and Finances

Debt is a common issue for businesses of all types. If your café has debt, you can’t crawl under a rock and ignore it as tempting as that may seem. You can take charge of your debt and finances with smart and efficient management practices. Debt doesn’t ever have to get the best of your business. Excessive debt, faulty credit setups and lack of capital don’t have to be…


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4 Pairings for Coffee and Tea that You’ve Gotta Try

Coffee and tea are some of the most enjoyed beverages around the world. Sips of these renowned, warm beverages can give drinkers energy and peace of mind. You can also combine these with different foods to make for an even more enjoyable experience. There’s so much to try beyond coffee and donuts. Here are four pairings for coffee and tea that you’ve gotta…


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Comfy Cafe: 4 Ways to Furnish and Decorate Yours for Customer Comfort

A cafe is often a place where customers want to stay a while, hang out with friends, work, or merely people watch. The longer they stay, the more money you make as they purchase food and drink. Decorating and furnishing your cafe for customer comfort will invite them to stay and enjoy themselves. Here are four ideas for creating an inviting, cozy…


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Coffee 101: 3 Essentials to Not Forget When Opening a Cafe

The world runs on coffee. Regardless of your country or culture, coffee plays a major role in your daily life. If you’ve decided to capitalize on this flourishing market by opening a café, here are three essential items you cannot forget.

Commercial Refrigeration

Regardless of the types of coffee your café will offer, whether it be lattes or drip coffee,…


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How to Save Your Teeth from Coffee Stains

Everybody loves to drink coffee, whether as a hot espresso, a frothy cappuccino or as a refreshing iced mocha cafe with sugar and creamer. But nobody loves the stains that coffee leaves on their teeth.

Coffee stains are caused by a compound called tannins, and there isn’t much you can do to reduce their content in your coffee or directly neutralize them. Some…


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Traditional touch to serve Arabic coffee

Arabic Dallah plays an important role in the identity of Persian culture. Dallah is a traditional Arabic Coffee Pot Used for centuries to brew and serve. The origin of Dallah is unclear, according to the study dallah is a…


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5 Things to Remember When Opening Your Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop is a wonderful way to contribute the local community all kinds of great refreshments and a homey atmosphere. However, while coffee shops might seem relaxing, they require plenty of work to get off the ground. Here are five things to remember when opening your coffee shop.

Good Location

Location, location, location. It’s absolutely…


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