I was pulling a shot on my little oscar today and was thinking that it was time to replace my 4 year old machine with a new one. Marry Christmas to all.

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I love the Simonelli Oscar machine, mainly because it is so easy to use in your home. Whenever someone asks me about a good home machine, I tell them MAKE SURE it has a commercial group head and steam wand. This little guy has both which is nice in a less expensive machine. Good for the consumer who wants something better than a *bucks barista machine.

Brian, are you replacing the machine with another oscar? Maybe upgrading to an Appia one group? :) We have 3 or 4 different home machines at the school, would be a fun to do some testing on them ... let me know.

- Matt
Hey Brian: Good choice, I had an Oscar for quite awhile as a home unit. It doesn't do too bad of a job for a home unit. The only thing I didn't like at the time was they did not offer an Americano wand back then. Does yours have one?
Have you considered the Rancilio Silvia, one of the top selling home espresso machines in the world? It's got a fully commercial group head and porta-filter, and is built of all stainless steel. Truly a machine worthy of investigating! :-)
Hello Brian, hope you decided on an Oscar Professional from Nuova Simonelli.

I just acquired the Oscar from Nuova Simonelli, its an impressive machine, the two new colors are slick too, Silver and Red. I have the traditional Black one, Its practical, easy to use, easy to clean. I've had dinner parties of more than 40 people asking for espressos, americanos, cappuccinos and lattes and it's been excellent.

I can also take it everywhere, if its for home use, I definitely recommend it. The Appia 1 group weighs a ton more, its a 220V, and sure, it has a steam wand and a hot water wand but its for 200+ cups and not very estheatically pleasing and space saver for a home kitchen. The Oscar Professional from Nuova Simonelli for me, is definitely the best mini machine for home use you could ever buy!!!


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