Hello everyone, 

I am based in Zambia and am the owner a small chain of coffee shops. Have a look at my profile for more info, Facebook for even more info, and our website will have even more info (when it is ready)!

Anyways, we are looking for a trained, experienced, preferably certified barista who is willing to share their skills, expertise and knowledge in helping our growing team of enthusiastic baristas (who by the way have had no proper formal training nor exposure to the possibilities of their career choice) to becoming the best they can be, the best the country has, and in effect, build them up to international standards of coffee making.

I understand there are a number of issues to consider in a program like this; visas, pay, accommodation, etc. We can discuss all those in detail if you show interest. Please understand that this is NOT an exchange, but rather one where you volunteer so to speak, with some perks. 

We have a vision, and that is to be the country's best coffee shop. For that we need top baristas. For that, we need to train them. Regrettably, our industry here is relatively small and in its infancy so the profession has not really developed much. We also have another vision. And that is to develop the local coffee industry through barista capacity building. 

Hence this post. 

What's in it for our baristas? The opportunity to be groomed and trained by someone who knows their craft, someone who through coffee conversation will help them open their eyes to the vastness of the global coffee industry and gain an appreciation of it, someone who will motivate and lead them.

What's in it for you? The opportunity to travel and experience this side of the world, visit a couple of coffee farms, and hopefully leave with a satisfaction of having done something noteworthy and perhaps train someone who will become our local barista champion.

What's in it for for our coffee shop? A coffee shop that will have experienced, knowledgable baristas making consistent quality cup after cup. 

It really is a win-win if done right. And then we can discuss in detail a plan of action and drafting a syllabus. Yes, we are serious!

Let's hear your thoughts down here. Message me if you are interested. 


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