ACF just stopped making mine. Those nice, thick 3 oz. bowl shaped cups that practically everyone uses for macchiatos are no longer in production. They have been replaced by a 2.25 oz. version of the same thing. Great espresso cups, not great macchiato cups. This happened at the very same time that i needed to get some new ones. I'm currently making do with cheap feeling Vertex cups from espressoparts.

What is your favorite cup and why?

Some stipulations; I don't like to get smaller than 3 oz. or as large as 4 for a macchiato. They have to be thick enough to retain some heat and durable enough for everyday cafe use.

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Anyone ever used the Cups from SweetMaria's?  How do you like them?

Those are 2.25 oz. to the brim, which is a little small for the piccolo latte style macchiato which we serve, but perfect for espresso or the more traditional "marked" style macchiato. These are the cups that I currently use for espresso. Very heavy-weight, but Nuova point (as italian cup manufacturers are wont to do) just changed the design & I don't like the new ones as well as the old. 

Matthew said:

Anyone ever used the Cups from SweetMaria's?  How do you like them?

My fav:


Are people unaware of the Black Cat Project line of ceramics made through NotNeutral ( 

Holly Crap.   Those are awesome!

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