Hey everyone...

So I've been putting my old plumbing trade skills to use in the coffee industry (inspired by intelli) and have been making my own pour-over stations.  I made one for the shop that I manage and also sold one to a customer of ours.  I've been thinking about making more to sell to baristas/managers/owners for use with the hario v60's or old melitta's. 

Just wanted to show a picture of it and see if anyone was interested and for how much.  There are some pretty crappy one's available online from Espresso Parts and  other places for like $200-500 bucks and they are pretty chincy compared to these.  I think I could still perfect a few details but I'm curious as to how many people might want them. 

Let me know!  Thanks!

I've attached a picture below...

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I think I saw this (or similar) at Ritual in SF recently. Nice.

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