Well, hello! I'm a manager of a little coffee shop inside of a hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. We (quite proudly, I may add) serve coffee from one of the best roasters in the city. The hotel recently opened last year, as did the coffee shop. But, my main issue I'm facing is with marketing. Clearly there are guests that love the ability to buy great tasting coffee, but I know that we could be getting much more business from not only employees of local businesses but also people passing on the street and local residents. We have a sidewalk sign with some amazing art that has definitely helped, we have walked around and handed out 'buy one get one free' cards, we've given out punch cards, we've set up social networking accounts. I feel like I'm at a bit of a loss on what our next marketing step should be.

Since we're in downtown Portland, which is notorious for its incredible coffee scene, I already know we've got some fierce competition, but I won't keep fighting to increase our revenue! I've been in quite a few leadership positions before this but this is my first time ever actually running the show myself.

Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks so much! :)

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Hey there.

Would you be able to post pictures and links to your Facebook page?

Are you using Instagram?

I feel your pain. Traction is often difficult in the beginning. 

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