I was looking for an owners manual for a Bregant DSQ grinder.  PDF or other digital format preferred.  Any ideas?

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Well, in case nobody has this available is there something in particular you are trying to figure out?
Thanks for the reply Brady. I'm trying to clean one up and refurbish it for a new coffee shop account. I always feel better about getting years worth of someone else's residual grounds out of the way. I won't be happy until I disassemble it and clean the entire coffee path;) I was trying to remove the carrier plate for the lower burr which appears to be pressed on the drive shaft. Also, I really want to remove and clean the filthy doser. It seems having to remove the star is necessary, but it does not want to slip out even after removing the adjustment knob and cotter pin below it. I can't see how the plastic top is removed. I do see the bolt for the lower part of the doser, but it's very hard to get at.
I've worked on Mazzer, Swift, Simonelli, Compak, etc. but this one is making me a bit cranky. I think if I spend a little more time I'll figure it out, but I don't have a lot of time lately.

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