I have an Astoria Gloria 2-group lever machine with a 5-hole steam wand tip.

It’s really hit and miss getting a good texture in my milk. I’ve read several posts saying that this tip is pretty awful.

I’ve read a lot about choosing the right tip. The stock wand has really long threads and the wand contours into the tip. I’m concerned that even if I find a tip that “fits” I will have a lot of exposed threads that will have aesthetic and hygiene issues. I don’t know this for sure as I do t have a lot of experience with other machines.

I am thinking of replacing my wands with something that has more standard tip options available.

The only replacements I can find specifically for this machine seem to be the same as what’s the stock ones and there isn’t any information on the tips.

Does anyone know how I can find a wand that will fit my machine and what the best size / threads are to have tip options?

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