I found myself stuck at Portland airport for a few hours, head buzzing from flying, and waiting for my flight back to Seattle. To try to cure my headache, I bought a hot apple cider from SBUX (there were no indie cafe I could find). So that got me thinking.....

When would you ever, or in what situations, would you ever buy anything from a SBUX cafe?

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And I quote from the great poet Lawrence from "Office Space", "No. No, man. $#!*, no, man. I believe you'd get your @$$ kicked doin' something like that, man.
That's my point... Most of us on BX are educated enough on coffee quality that we don't waste money at SBUX. BUT... in a hypothetical desperate situation, say you're stuck in a small town with absolutely no good coffee, would you buy a SBUX drip as a last resort? Much like in a hypothetical situation where you're starving for food and you're stuck at a truck stop, you have the choice of a corn dog on a stick from the gas station or McDonald's. Would you cave in and eat at MCD even if they are your sworn enemy?
Principles are principles. You gotta make a stand, then stand. But, that's just me. I know people, even that work with me, that go there from time to time and have no problem with it. For me, personally though, I will not support them with any of my money. If I did have to go in there for a desperate situation, I would get water.
You're right. Absolutely right. It's been over 17 years since I went into a MacDonalds and today I am saying that I will NEVER go into a Sbux again. Jason, you're right, man. Thanks for calling me on it.
That's what I'm here for....
I haven't been to SBUX for while. However, there are areas like Miami, where if you want a cap or espresso and not the Cafe cubano, you have NO other choice. I make my coffee at home at breakfast. But then, what do you do when you are ready to fall asleep walking? Take a stand or get a jolt? I say get a jolt. If, however, there was a choice between STBUX and an indie shop, I would most definately choose indie.
Getting the water isn't such a bad idea. I mean, it's more socially responsible than their coffee...
When I was traveling several years ago outside of San Francisco, I walked to an independent coffee house to get my coffee. Unfortunately, it was so bad of an iced latte that I threw it out. I walked an additional two blocks and got an iced latte that at least I knew what the taste would be.
I spent all afternoon sitting in *$. I spent time in there, but spent no money. I went in entirely because they were giving away free fairtrade drip coffee today. I was impressed - it was passable coffee, nothing stupendously good, but I've had a lot worse. Whats more, I got four free coffees, a bag of grounds, some used grounds to go on my garden, and a lot of help with my uni research. I was also wearing my Caffe Nero t-shirt and reading an academic paper called 'The Starbuckisation of Society' and they were still very pleasant to me!!

I admit, I have been there and spent money in the past. But I have the excuse of doing it for research. Giant hot milkshakes with a coffee theme have their place in the world, but that place can never be confused with the idea of Real Good Coffee.
I love their pastries and their iced chai.
Last time i went into a Starbucks was in Berlin. I had the choice between SBux or Balzac coffee. When compared i didn't think they were all that differen conceptwise. Although Balzac's coffee was slighly better.
When I'm on the road and can't find an independent ill hit one. As much as i don't care for their coffee, a fix is a fix. Any coffee is better than no coffee when you are in an unfamiliar place.

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